DIY: Fabric Framing

DIY_ Fabric Framing.png

I’ve been wanting to frame some fabric to fill a wall in my living room for a while now, and if you’ve been to The Mint Cottage before, then you know how much I love my banana leaf print; so choosing more of it was a no-brainer! I bought my frames and my fabric months ago (five, to be exact, but convinced myself that this project was rocket science so kept putting it off. Then hurricane Florence decided to come to town. Luckily, she didn’t do too much damage to my area, but she did give me a reason to spend a good bit of time inside. I’m calling this “The Lazy Girl’s” how-to guide because I didn’t want to purchase any special tools or supplies. That would’ve required me to leave my house…and spend more money lol. So I rounded up very basic items that I knew would still prove to be useful enough.


This game’s MVPs included my steamer, baby hot glue gun (pink of course), stapler, and scissors. My gold desk accessories may not have necessarily been made for projects like this, but they sure looked good doing it!


I’m a sucker for bamboo styled decor. I purchased these from The Rusty Roof shop on Etsy! They come in a ton of different sizes and multiple colors.


My fabric is also from Etsy. I bought two yards worth to ensure I had enough for two frames and a little extra in case I messed up.


Because my fabric had been balled up on a shelf for so long, I knew it would need to be steamed. An iron would of course work just as well, I just happen to be more of a steamer kinda girl.


When purchasing my frames, I made sure that mine were to have a cardboard back included for stapling purposes.


The great thing about this particular fabric pattern is that there’s really no rhyme or reason to it, so it didn’t necessarily matter where I placed either of the cardboard pieces. But to cut down on how much cutting I would have to do (literally), I started close in the corner and close to one of the edges.


As you can imagine, I definitely had to apply more force when stapling than I normally would with papers—I may or may not have gotten a small bruise on my hand from it…okay that’s dramatic, but my palm was a tad bit sore for a little while after! Anywho, I made sure to place my staples fairly close to the edge so that the frame’s edges would cover them up.


I actually stapled down one side of fabric before doing any cutting. Once the first side was stapled, I cut right along the edge of that particular strip.


Next, I cut a thick strip along the long side of the board, and also went ahead and made cuts to the remaining short side.


After all my sides were cut and stapled, I used my baby glue to glue down all the edges so they wouldn’t be free flappin’ when I hung my frames!


I can’t remember what I originally bought my glue gun for, but I do remember looking for any and all reasons to use it! I just really love crafts lol.


Time to frame these beauties!! So I grabbed my little pink tool box, that has my little pink hammer, nails, and my tape measure…which is also pink (obviously).


I already have a couple frames hanging in this room (you’ll see them pictured below), and they’re also stacked on top of each other, so I used those as a reference.


I am VERY obsessed with these, like way more than I anticipated, so it really works out that my favorite chair sits right in front of them!