6 Ways To Maximize Your Small Space

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"Just because your space is small doesn't mean it can't be magnificent!"

Proportions. Essentially, small spaces should be equipped with smaller décor. This doesn’t mean you can only use tiny furniture—you just want to be sure to stay aware of proportions. If you have a large television you want to choose a piece of furniture that can complement its size. If you have shelves on your wall or a bookcase, be sure the items and accessories you place on it are all similar to each other in size.

Mirrors. Y’all would think I am the most conceited person if you saw how many mirrors The Mint Cottage has! Now I may like a long glance in one every now and then, but the real reason I have so many is because they can add depth to your rooms. A majority of the time they act as an additional window, reflecting double the amount of light in the room, which can also double your space!

Multi-tasking furniture. Furniture that can take on more than one purpose is super helpful in maximizing your small space. Small spaces tend to not have enough storage. For example, find you a piece of furniture like a dresser or book case to use as a television stand. My television stand happens to be a bookcase that I’ve had since college. I purchased inexpensive wicker baskets similar to these to add additional storage. Side note: don’t overlook furniture hand-me-downs! My television stand is also the same bookcase my mom used when she was in college!

Paint colors. Pick a soft simple palette for your walls. I was fortunate enough to purchase my house already freshly painted with neutral colors. Using lighter colors not only brightens your rooms and makes it appear larger, but it also gives you flexibility with the color of your décor.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Fill your walls, shelves, and tables with things you love! Doing so will automatically make your home seem more personal and inviting. Just be sure your accessories are organized and intentional with their placements to avoid becoming clutter. The Mint Cottage has so many knick-knacks because its owner (I won’t name any names…) has a problem, but that’s okay because they are all strategically organized!

The number of pineapples I have throughout my home is a little unreal. I can't help myself! Pineapples actually have a neat story to them: historically, this fruit was crowned that of social events and became the symbol of welcome, friendship, and hospitality. If you saw a whole pineapple displayed at a party, then that told you no expense was spared in guaranteeing yours and other guests' enjoyment. So, in other words, I'm super hospitable here at The Mint Cottage!
(1. Pineapple Trinket Dish    2. Kate Spade Candy Stripe Note Pads    3. Pineapple Candle Jar    4. Bamboo Print Matchbox    5. Things We Love Book     6. Island Style Book)

I never turn away family furniture hand-me-downs! Even if you don't have a place for them when you first receive them, hold on to them--you never know when you'll feel like changing your home's look! These are from my Aunt Paige and their sizes complement everything else in the room.
Rugs. If you know me at all, then you know I love to "cut a rug!" I also love using rugs as décor and space creators! Rugs, if used decorously--this is an actual word, I promise—will create additional depth in the room. Also don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors with your rug! Just be sure its colors are attached to other accessories around the room to avoid a cluttered look.

This rug is one of my favorite purchases, and I didn't even have to break the bank to buy it! I just love how it ties in my entire living room space. You can purchase it here in different sizes!
I'm a sucker for a pretty wingback chair. I've found that the best ones are at local shops like The Red Collection, Shoppes on Patterson, and Carriage House. You can spend days just exploring shops like these! But I'm obsessed with how perfectly this chair (which I got from my mother's house) pairs with my rug!