"Hot As A Firecracker" Cheese Cracker Snack

My resume is fairly full of positions I’ve filled and skills I’ve acquired. What it doesn’t describe is my career as a professional snacker.

I snack. Snacks are my thing, meals are not. It’s not that I have anything against meals, I thoroughly enjoy them when they come around! It’s the grocery shopping that has to happen beforehand that leaves my refrigerator and pantry empty, but my wallet reasonably (and relatively) full. I just have a hard time justifying buying loads of groceries for one person! Seems awfully silly to me.

It also doesn’t help that I become the most indecisive person in the world the second I step foot in any supermarket. There’s so many options and items for me to choose from—do I want pasta, or Asian food, or pizza, or the salad bar, or soup, or cookie cake, or ice cream…you see what my problem is? Sometimes, I become so overwhelmed that I walk out empty handed looking anxious as all get out to the point where I probably appear as if I’m shoplifting!

I’m constantly brainstorming how I could possibly change my ways and become a meal maker, and I’ve only managed to come up with one solution—hire a live-in chef. Good news for them would be they wouldn’t have to purchase any condiments—they make up about 90% of my fridge right now. Bad news for me, is my “reasonably (and relatively) full” wallet isn’t quite full enough for that kind of service!

I’ll hold on to that solution for more prosperous days. In the meantime, I’ll keep calm and snack on.

This week, I made a snack to match my 4th of July themed, Firecracker Pound Cake! These “Hot as a Firecracker” cheese crackers are the most addicting recipe I’ve made in a very long time—bake at your own risk!

What I love most about this snack recipe is your ability to customize it to what your taste buds want and can handle. For me, the spicier and hotter, the better. But that’s not necessarily the case for everyone. This recipe comes with a good amount of heat, but if you can’t stand the heat…I promise you won’t have to get out of your kitchen! All you have to do is minimize your spices.

Recipe is below--can’t wait to see the variations y’all come up with! Happy baking!