Memories Never Tasted So Good!

I like to think of myself as the original cookie monster. But not the bad kind. You know how there's a good witch and a bad witch in Wizard of Oz? Well consider me the good cookie monster! This title at leasts gives me a reason to wear my tiara around the kitchen, right??

When it comes to making my customized sugar cookies, I can't help but to reminisce on memories that the shapes and designs remind me of. This blog has always been about me sharing little pieces of my life one bite at a time, so as I recap some of my favorite cookie creations, I hope you'll enjoy the memories that I'm happily reminded of!

Horse is the Name of the Game!

Believe you me when I say I am much better at baking and decorating basketballs than I am at playing basketball. Growing up we always had a basketball hoop despite being a house of only girls, 3 to be exact. My sisters and I mostly played Horse and Around the World, but we mostly just aimlessly threw up some "granny shots." Needless to say, none us developed a career in basketball, but you never have to worry about us spelling horse wrong!

Puppy Sisters!!

It is safe to say that these little puppies stole my heart--to the point where I felt bad when I ate one of their tails! I immediately regretted it and did not eat any more. 

For those looking for a new diet, just make all of your food in the shape of puppy dogs. You'll feel too guilty after eating a paw or tail to take another bite.

These sweet pups remind me of my puppy sisters, Roxanne and Lexie Anne! 

We got Roxanne when I was a junior in high school. Both my sisters were already in college, and even though I had two more years of high school left, Mom considered her and my stepdad, Mark, empty nesters already (insert eye roll here...).

Living with Roxy those two years was truly like having a little sister--she sometimes got on my nerves, received all of the attention from our parents, comforted me when I was sad or sick, accompanied me in my last "first day of school" photo, and always gave me hugs and kisses any and every time we were together.

And when I went off to college, I hoped she wouldn't forget about me.

Good news, Roxy did not forget about me! And now we have another Great Dane sister, Lexie, who Mom and Mark adopted shortly after I came home from Georgia.

Lexie is the sweetest and also the clumsiest, but we love her to pieces. Now Roxy has a little sister that she gets annoyed with more often than not, but I know deep down she loves her, too!

"Mommy, I Don't Wear Dresses..."

My little dress-shaped cookies may be my absolute favorite! Pink dress, purple dress, prom dress, debutante dress, wedding dress, you name it and I'll bake and decorate! Each one will come with a pretty little pearl sprinkle belt that I just cannot get enough of. 

The white ones always remind me of my debutante ball years back. My friends and I had the most fun! The next day I was so sad about it being over that I sulked around the house in my dress.

I'm not dramatic at all...

Speaking of not being dramatic...when I was about 3 years old, my mom was in my room attempting to get me ready for the day. I loved dresses back then just as much as I do now, and my closet was definitely proof of this. But this one particular day, I looked at Mom as she handed me my favorite dress, and declared "Mommy, I don't wear dresses, I never wear dresses."

If you know me at all, then you know that to this day I tend to change my mind just as quickly and easily sometimes, but never when it comes to wearing dresses!

"Do you even own anything that doesn't have your monogram on it?"

For me, the answer is no. I have what some would call an unhealthy relationship with monograms, I can't help it! But if having too many is wrong, then I do not want to be right.

1. Bedding: Belle Epoque 2. Monogrammed by Miller Monograms (sadly they no longer have their physical store but plenty goodies on their website!) 3. Banana leaf lumbar pillow cover (pillow insert I just bought from target) 4. Banana leaf lamp shades are from Etsy and the bases are from Target (I bought lamps from Target and simply switched out their shades--similar ones here and here!)
I actually painted this one all by myself with a little help from Ashley at Miller Monograms! They had a girls' Craft Night Out that I couldn't pass up. This beauty is proudly displayed in my guest room!

1. I love my door hanger from Swoozie's! 2. My banana leaf indoor/outdoor couch pillows are from Etsy.
So I can't say I painted this one. I did however, order the vinyl monogram from Swoozie's, bought a blank canvas, and stuck it on there myself! That's about the extent of my DYI-ing at The Mint Cottage...

Napkins, towels, wall art, door hanger, coffee mugs, Tervis Tumblers, shower curtain, purses, bedding, jewelry, t-shirts, pillows, you name it and I probably have it monogrammed here at The Mint Cottage, so you can probably understand why I enjoy monogramming cookies! There's just something so classic about them no matter the font that you used. 

I honestly don't really have any memories as they relate to monograms, I just love them!

So if nothing else, then I guess you could say I'm reminded of all the dollars I've spent on all my monogrammed goodies (insert shoulder shrug here)...