Here For The "Boos" And Cookies...

Y'all, how fun is Halloween!? So many things you could be and so much candy, but so little time. From being a little black kitty, to dressing up as all the Disney princesses, to being a poodle skirt girl at the age of 10 (I was an old soul), to this year dressing up as a Rockford Peach (name that movie!), I'd have to say that my Halloween nights have been quite the success...especially the candy part!

I had the strangest candy mentality on Halloween when I was little. I wanted to ensure that I filled my pillow case up with the most candy the neighborhood had to offer, but I don't really recall having a specific strategy to support this. 

I was more focused on just hoarding as much candy as possible instead of eating all of it, but don't let me fool you, candy definitely got eaten! I have the cavities to prove it...

I specifically remember counting each piece of candy once I was finished with trick-or-treating. I'd then tally up my number, place all of my candy back in its bag, and put it away.

For many days after that, I would come home from school, grab the candy-filled pillowcase, and count the pieces again. (I think) I did this for two reasons: I just loved the idea of having a whole bunch of candy, and this was also how I would keep tabs on whether or not my parents ate any of it, specifically my dad...I wasn't a sharer.

I can't say much has changed since then. I'm still not a sharer when it comes to my candy, but rather than hoarding it in a pillowcase, I now just use my belly...and prefer washing it down with wine instead of water. :)

How precious are these little ghosts?! I know I say "favorite" a lot, but these are definitely my new fav! They also probably took the least amount of time out of any of the cookies I've worked with before, so that too is a plus.

I will say they're awfully greedy though...don't invite them over, they'll only show up for the "boos!" See what I did there? #203YPpuns

I absolutely adore my punkins' too!

Happy Halloween from me and 203YP! I hope it's just as sweet as when you were a kid. :)