The Mint Cottage: Christmas Edition!

I absolutely adore ornaments. They're one of those things you don't truly appreciate receiving until your an "adult" and have your own tree to decorate!

Every year for my birthday and/or Christmas, I've received one of these Swarovski crystal ornaments. A collection that was first created the year I was born, so I happen to have each year's edition and I love love love them! This year's was perfect.

A few of my girlfriends and I do an ornament exchange each year. They really nailed it with the ones they gave to me this time around! How precious is this little mixer?!

This is the first time I've gone with a fake tree. I wanted a white one because I wanted my colorful ornaments to really pop, and I found that sometimes they get lost in a not so fake Christmas tree.

Bentley decided she was the only present I need under the tree this year! 

My red nutcracker, pink and white decorative trees, and little candy jar are all from Target!

I can't get enough of this hand towel! It's the first thing you see when walking through my front door, so you're bound to have a smile on your face from the second you walk in!

Y'all know I love my cocktail napkins. I purchased these from Cotswold Marketplace in Charlotte--a place you could do some serious damage in a little amount of time because they have the most adorable things from jewelry to art and everything in between!

Can't have a bar without prosecco, right??

Last year, I decorated my bookcase with mostly neutral-colored decor, but this year I changed it up! 

I tied my bookcase and bar together by decorating both with this ceramic Christmas tree also from Target. I wish it was acceptable to leave it out all year long!

I can never get enough of my snow babies, and I look forward to putting them out each year!

Even my powder room got a little bit of Christmas love this year! I love how the littlest decorations can make a room so festive.

This is what happens when you can't decide on just one kitchen towel to put out! 

Both my "Merry Christmas Y'all!" and my monogrammed tree towels are from Swoozie's.

And of course they're too cute for me to actually use, so they just sit pretty on my oven door!

Only had to read two lines of this towel before I knew I was buying it!

Just continuing my childhood obsession with snow globes with this setup. 

These little guys were the MVP's of the "Sugar Cookie Bowl" this year, and man were they a hit! I made a total of 39 dozen, which is 468 cookies.

Y'all. I started to eat one of the gingerbread men, took one bit of his leg and felt so bad about it that I had to throw the rest of him sad is that??

I had so much fun making these ornaments!

I loved playing with different colored icing and designs. Made them for an ornament exchange and from the sounds of it, they were adored by all!

Next were these puppy dogs! 

I never thought I'd be giving away puppies for Christmas! :) 

Okay, how precious are these socks?! My friend's mom told him all she wanted was socks and 203YP cookies. Little did she know 203YP would be able to give her both!

Merry Christmas y'all! May your holiday be as merry and bright as a 203YP cookie!