The Great Preyer Bakeoff: Cupcakes!

I had the opportunity to step out of my cookie comfort zone as I participated in The Great Preyer Bakeoff Cupcakes edition, hosted by Preyer Brewing Company. Naturally, I went with my poundcake cupcakes, and added a strawberry buttercream for my icing!

It's been a while since I've participated in a true competition. 

When I was in elementary school, I ran for student body president. Long story short, I a one of my good friends. 

Devastating I tell ya! All the tears. Clearly never recovered...

Strawberries. My favorite of all the berries. I bought two cartons, one for my icing and one for my belly.

Do y'all remember when I made those pistachio cranberry energy bites? So yum, I practically ate them all and burned up my food processor so I had to borrow Mom's for the icing. A blender would work great, too!  


Or that one time I entered the science fair at my school. My project was testing the water in different areas of the county. I'm not sure what my conclusion was, or where I was really headed with my findings, but I came in 3rd place so that's like a mini win, right?

Any chance I have of getting a photo of my egg crate I take it. I just love it! It's so funny the things you get excited about as an adult...or sad lol.

I call these two the dynamic duo, and I bet Paula Dean would agree with that nickname! #ButterAndCrisco

And don't even get me started on the countless soccer games and tournaments growing up. If you've ever seen me use the hashtag #BubbaBakes, it comes from my nickname "Bubba" that I received during my soccer days. Let's just say, win or lose, I wasn't going down without a good fight! I was known for my card collection--yellow and red cards penalty cards, that is...

Needless to say, Preyer's cupcake battle was a change a pace for me. Such a fun experience, and for a good cause! All the proceeds benefitted Backpack Beginnings, an organization that ensures food and basic necessities are given directly to children in need. 

I may not have placed within the competition, but with my family and friends there to support me, and the fact that my baby cakes were the first to get gone, I still felt like a winner (insert sassy girl emoji)!

Recipe below!

Who knew refrigerator lighting was so good? It's probably because mine is so empty!

Clearly I'm the worst because this is the only photo I got at the bakeoff--I guess one is better than none!