Coffee Table Styling: The Mint Cottage Edition

COffe table styling_ The MInt cottage edition.png

I always think of coffee tables as a bridge between one's personal style & personality and their home's decor style. It's such a versatile piece, which is great, because as humans we're pretty versatile, too. We're constantly works in progress and always evolving due to changes in mood, seasons, life phases, etc, and our coffee tables can be a great reflection each time these transitions occur. 

coffee table.png

But regardless of how I'm feeling, and/or what life chapter I'm on, there's always 6 categories I always incorporate when styling my table:

  1. Something Personal
  2. A Plant or Flowers
  3. Candle(s)
  4. Knickknacks
  5. A Coffee Table Tray
  6. A Stack of Books

1. Something Personal


Something personal can be anything that holds value in your life, and something you want to constantly be reminded of. For me, it's usually photos of my friends and family. I love having them all over my house to remind me of my favorite memories. They help create an environment full of positive vibes at The Mint Cottage! 

2. A Plant or Flowers


I know most folks prefer to keep living plants or flowers around their home and on their table, and I totally would, too, if I wasn't so terrible at keeping them alive for like more than 24 hours--it's very sad lol. 


So i just stick to the fake ones--they literally never die on me!


You won't have that "fresh" scent like you would get with living ones, but you'll still have the fresh look!


3. Candle(s)

Next on the list is candles! I LOVE candles, not only for their scents, but for display, too.  


I currently have three different candles on my coffee table, but this pineapple one is my favorite. What I like most about it is the fact that you probably wouldn't guess it's a candle just from looking at it. 


I'll probably be able to use it as a cute jar once it's completely burned out, too!


I'm sorry, but I just have to interrupt this post because my angel Audrey just looked so sweet when I was taking these pictures. She's just like her Mama--never shys away from a camera! She always follows me when I start taking photos around the house and I'm zero percent mad about it!


Candles will also give you a reason to purchase pretty matchboxes like this one! I paid $16 for it, and that may be a splurge for something so small, but I can continue to refill it with matches each time I run out.

4. Knickknacks


For me, knickknacks--or trinkets--are just little miscellaneous things that enhance my home's already existing decor. It's kind of like restaurants adding garnish to their dishes, or adding ornaments to Christmas trees. They're not always necessary, but I'd say they're always admired!


I have a serious pineapple addiction if you couldn't already tell, so when my eyes saw this little pineapple dish, I knew I wasn't going home without it! FUN FACT: pineapples are actually a symbol for hospitality, a meaning of welcome and friendship! This dish is also great for my used matches and is a great topper for my little knickknack notepads!


Okay, so my remote control box isn't really a knickknack, but it also didn't fall under any of the other categories so here we are! I recently got very tired of seeing my remotes out all of the time--they didn't match anything in my living room! I knew I wanted something fairly neutral, but also bold, just like the rest of the room's decor style. I ended up finding this one on Amazon and couldn't be happier about it. I think it's a piece that could adapt to any room's decor, which is why I immediately told my dad to also get one for his living room! 

5. Coffee Table Tray


If there's any kind of surface in my house, then you better believe there's a tray on it! I absolutely adore decorate trays.


Despite having a lot of gold in my living room, I bought a silver links one to complement the little bits of silver I do have around the room and tie the two metals together. I actually bought one in gold, too, for my closet!

6. Stack of Books


I'm such a sucker for coffee table books. They're everywhere in my house because I just can't get enough of them. 


I would definitely suggest purchasing ones you're actually interested in, mostly because they're not always cheap, so it helps to justify them when you know you'll also read them, too. I've always loved the "island style" so that's something I specifically searched for when looking at books for The Mint Cottage. My India Hicks book is one of my favorites and I've utilized a handful of things from it.


As my coffee table came together, there's a few things I learned. First, there's no need to rush the process! We're all works in progress, and so are our design styles. Just like I tell myself as I venture in the dating scene: you can't rush a good thing! Second, find pieces you actually enjoy--there's no need to spend money on items you don't fully love and appreciate. Lastly, make sure your coffee table's style matches the rest of your space. More often than not it will, especially if you keep the first two strategies in mind throughout the process!

Links to most of my table's items are below! Happy Deorating!