Oh, Hoppy Day!

For Easter, I finally gave the deviled eggs making a try, and apparently they were eggcelent!

Wow, even I rolled my eyes after reading that joke--let's just pretend I told a better one!

Any chance I get to photograph my eggs I definitely take because I purchased the cutest egg crate that goes perfectly with the rest of my pistachio-colored kitchen stuff! I got mine at Home Goods, but similar ones can be found on Etsy.
My favorite part of Easter has always been the time spent with family. Some of my fondest memories were formed around this holiday! One that I will never forget is the year mom and I visited my aunt Jonanne in Tokyo, Japan over Easter break. I was only 9 years old at the time so everything about this trip was pretty bizarre to me. Mom and I could not get used to the time change, so in the middle of each night you could find us laying in bed watching movies on our mini dvd players that we rented from the airport. For some reason I thought that was the most fun--it was like a sleepover party but with my mom, something I don't think I'll ever outgrow!

That handsome guy in the front is my nephew, who is Franklin by day and Super Boy by night! He was our little Easter ham this year and we couldn't get enough of him per usual! Whenever we would say cheese for photos he would say "Super Boy" and do a little pose! Could you not just eat him on a cracker?!

Love my sassters!  1. Spring Beaded Scarf Necklace - y'all, to say I'm obsessed with this necklace is an understatement! It's perfect for spring and summer. Check out the Beth Ladd Collections website for so many more amazing accessories.
As for the food, when I wasn't eating meatball subs from Subway and the multiple bowls of slurpy noodles, I was busy experiencing so many new things, some really great, and some not so great, like the chalky Japanese candy that was super popular at the time...no thank you. Growing up in our household, if you didn't like what was being served at meals, then you just went hungry...or made you a bowl of cereal. This was also the case while we were in Tokyo. Looking back, I'm actually glad this was the case because it made me try certain things that I otherwise may never have developed a liking for. 

Finally putting the deviled egg platter to good use! I got mine at the Swoozie's here in Greensboro, but I'm sure other locations carry it, as well!

My point is that I was constantly challenged to step outside of my, very small comfort zone as it related to foods, but I'm so glad I did/was forced to. It expanded my horizons and palette at such a young age, and really taught me how enriching stepping out can be..

Kat filled me in on an eggceptional secret...okay, I promise that was the last one...older eggs peel easier, and this must be true because peeling these took no time. Only one egg was damaged during the peel process...
I think that's why it took me so long to finally make these darn deviled eggs! It's a dish that is completely out of my "baking" comfort zone that I've come to know over the years. I will openly admit that I am not one who likes to change her ways, so the thought of doing something new and different was a bit intimidating. It was quite the experiment and I'm thankful for my friend Kat who gave me her recipe and answered my many questions that I had throughout the entire process. 

Similar to your cleaning supplies and spare lightbulbs, Duke's Mayonnaise is just another household necessity--no but really, it's a must when making anything that calls for mayo, just ask Southern Living!
It's crazy to think about all the amazing things you can create when you step outside your comfy little box! Sometimes the thought of something is a lot more intimidating than actually doing it.

A fancy piping bag is totally not necessary--I usually just use a regular Ziploc bag and cut one of the corners--works like a charm!

Ta-da! The dish looks much better when actually in use.