"Sometimes, Riding Your Bike To The Wine Store Is All The Balance You Need."

Energy (enərjē) – Something I do not have nearly enough of.
Balance (baləns) – See energy definition.

Y’all. Adulting is exhausting. I feel like I am constantly tired and always just running around like a city chicken with its head cut off! Here I am, three years out of college, still trying to figure out how to make all the pieces of my life fit comfortably in my day-to-day.

In my opinion, trying to put together a schedule is quite similar to decorating a home. You have these rooms that you want to fill, and you have your basic furniture pieces to place first. Then you add all the fun décor and accent pieces to liven up the entire home! You have to somehow find a way to adequately and proportionately fit it all in there. You don’t want to over fill the home because you’ll find it difficult to maneuver through it, you'll probably start to feel overwhelmed, and end up not being able to breathe. Okay, that last part may be a little dramatic…but you get the point! On the other hand, you also don’t want to put so little in your home that you are underwhelmed and plain bored—you’d just be stuck twiddlin' your thumbs, wondering what on earth you’re going to do with all the extra space. You’ve got to find the right balance between too much and too little! 

Easier said than done, right?

(Side note: If you have a small space like me, and need help balancing it out, then visit this post for tips!)

It seems like I’m always scrambling to maintain a social lifestyle, work my usual 40 hours a week, make sure I exercise at least five times each week, regularly cook healthy meals, spend time with my family, keep my house clean, remember to feed my kitty angels (I promise I’m a good mommy to them!), and somehow manage to throw some sleep into the mix every so often.

It’s draining! And my honest advice on how to handle it all isn't very profound, it's actually quite simple—do what you can. Otherwise, you’ll just start wondering what the point is to pushing yourself so hard all of the time. I've learned that balance comes in so many different forms. Sometimes it's sleeping in a couple extra hours instead of getting up at 5am for that Tuesday spin class that kicks your butt; or eating that full pint of Halo Top for dinner every once in a while instead of cooking an elaborate “zoodles with made-from-scratch pesto, perfectly round tomatoes, and extra-grated grated parmesan cheese;” if you’re a pajama lover like me, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s sometimes being in your pajamas by 8pm just in time for Grey’s Anatomy rather than going out for your usual Thursday night drinks that lead to singing Shania Twain at the karaoke bar until 2am; and sometimes, riding your bike to the wine store is all the balance you need.

I may be 25, but my dad still tells me to wear a helmet...especially to the wine store! La Vieille Ferme is my favorite Rose--not too sweet, not too tart, super refreshing during the warmer months!
(1. Lace Up Espadrilles    2. Pink Cruiser Bike    3. La Vieille Rose )

This is what true balance and energy preservation is all about, if you ask me.

In efforts to better balance my (not-so-great) snacking habits and help fix my personal daily energy deficit, I decided to have a go at making some cute little energy bites that I keep seeing all over Pinterest! Any of these recipes are great if you are constantly on the go and need a breakfast or snack that complements your fast-paced day.

After bopping through a ton of variations, I decided to go with a nut/berry combo. What’s great about all these different energy bite recipes is their ability to be altered based on your own personal taste buds. For example, if you’re not crazy about cashews that’s totally cool! You can swap them out for pecans or almonds.

I chose to throw together pistachios, dried cranberries, and honey. Oh, and white chocolate chips because, well, chocolate is a necessity in my (recipe) book! See below for the recipe details!
Oh, and I feel like I should warn you…a sticky situation is ahead!
P.S. - You may notice a different kitchen...I made some of these at work, on my lunch break, in a mock kitchen...it's called work-life balance, right?!