Ain't Nothin' Finer In The Land..."


It's me, along with all the cute, fun, and tasty ways that I incorporate my love for the Dawgs, Athens, and my Georgia girls here at The Mint Cottage! I'm sharing a few of my favorite UGA home accessories, one of my go-to game day drinks, and a snack that we could not get enough of in the sorority house.

Okay, so that's not really the answer to that question, and if you've ever been around "drunk obnoxious Georgia fans" then you already know how it goes!

"Home Is Where All My Cute Georgia Stuff Is!"

I'm probably the biggest sucker for hand towels--to the point where I buy them and don't actually use them because sometimes they're just too perfect to dirty up! What I love most is their ability to bring so much personality to any kitchen despite their relatively itty bitty size! I actually purchased this one during our road trip to Savannah this summer at Woof Gang Bakery, but there's a handful still available HERE!

Y'all. I can't with this serving tray, just can't. Firstly, my #203YP cookies pair quite well with it, Second, is it not the most precious thing you've ever laid eyes on?!

Go Dawgs, Sic Em Serving Tray

Okay, it's probably not the MOST precious, but I'm sure it's at least a close second...

...a close second to these cups!! 

Yes, I'm that girl who brings her own cups, and it's always appreciated! Someone has to be in charge of the (super cute and fun) little things, right? Loved putting them to good use at the UGA/South Carolina game!

Both, my cups and tray, are from Emily McCarthy Shoppe--once you start shopping here you will not be able to stop...take my word for it.

The littlest bulldogs! Love my salt and pepper shakers that sit pretty on my kitchen table.

1. Bulldog Cookie/Coffee Jar 2. Bulldog Shakers

Can't forget mama bulldog who is the keeper of all my K-cups! I'm much more pleasant in the mornings if I start off with a visit to her. :)

Mama bulldog and her babies can be found at Target all year-round, not just during Dawg season! 

I bought this picture the day after I graduated and walked through the Arch for the very first time--a tradition that will live forever at UGA! 

The Arch is modeled after the Georgia state seal with it's three pillars of wisdom, justice, and moderation. The old tale is that if you happen to walk under the Arch prior to graduating then you wouldn't graduate. I've never walked so carefully as I did around the Arch--I already needed all the help I could get with getting my diploma!

Last but certainly not least: my Georgia dry erase plate! I use this thing in a couple different ways. 

I absolutely love making lists. Whether it's for grocery shopping, packing, random brainstorms, you name it and I'll make a list for it. Now, when it comes to grocery shopping lists, like I said, I'm great at making them, but I always seem to forget to bring it to the supermarket with me...

So I started jotting down what I need on my dry erase board/plate and then just snapping a pic of it on my phone to ensure I'll have it with me when I leave my house.

I also use it when double checking I have all of my ingredients out; or, when I need to double/triple recipes, I'll write out the math on it to ensure my measurements will be accurate.

Essentially what I'm telling you is that I make up reasons to utilize my dry erase plate...I mean who doesn't love to use dry erase?!

I purchased mine at one of the UGA shops in downtown Athens, and sadly cannot find it online anywhere, but The Red Zone website has tons of other fun Georgia home accessories!

Pressure Drops

What is a Pressure Drop you ask? Well, it's the most refreshing thing you've probably never had before. Whether I need a batch of something for those days when my tailgates start fairly early, or I just need to have my own little happy hour at home, these are my go-to. In a nutshell it's really just a light margarita. Choose your tequila, add a majority of your cup with seltzer water, and top it off with a splash or two of your favorite sour mix, or whatever mix the bar has to serve you!

I recently came across Stirrings "Simple Margarita" mix--it was love at first sip and now I can't wait to never use anything else again! Despite my sweet tooth, I'm not really a sweet/sugary beverage person, so for me, the lighter the mix the better. Add this to your bar's collection and you'll have the freshest drinks around--at least when it comes to your Pressure Drops and Margs!

FUN FACT: 3 tablespoons = 1 shot! I had the pleasure of learning this on my most recent Athens visit. The place we were staying at did not come equipped with shot glasses, but they had all the measuring cups and spoons you could ever need, so we had to get a little creative with our measurements. How's that one saying go, "When life gives you limes, make Pressure Drops?" Yea sounds about right!

When it comes to actually making beverages, whether they be for myself or a crowd, I tend to be more of an "eyeballer" with my portions. It's kind of like my way of rebelling after having to stick to strict measurements with my baking! So, below you'll find an illustration showing my recipe/guesstimated measurements. :)

For other cocktail recipe and entertaining ideas, head to the Stirrings website!

Puppy Chow!

Spoiler Alert: this is not for real puppies! It was the first snack/dessert I introduced my tastebuds to in Athens--truly love at first, second, third, and hundredth bite. It's a super easy and very customizable concept. You can toss M&Ms in the mix or maybe raisins to change up the texture. I kept mine simple so you could use this as a base if you did choose to make up your own version--mine is also gluten-free, so you can share with all your GF peeps!

I never purchase peanut butter, so I stood in front of the PB&J shelves for a good ten minutes reading labels and ingredients. I finally just grabbed a "Natural Creamy" PB that had two ingredients (peanuts and salt) and was also on sale with my VIC card--say no more.

As for the chocolate, I used milk chocolate chips and regular cocoa powder, but you could totally use semi-sweet, dark, or even white chocolate chips if you preferred! 

Pardon the mess that is me...

Once you've melted your PB, chocolate, and butter, and poured it over your Chex, you'll need to find a ziplock baggy that is like 3 times the size of your head, throw it all in there, and shake things up!

Our chef in the sorority house made the BEST Puppy Chow, and honestly the way we all devoured it, we probably looked like hungry puppies eating for the very first of the many reasons my freshman 15 carried over to sophomore year!

Glory, glory, to ol' Georgia y'all! Those were some of my favorite years by far. There wasn't a thing I didn't love about my time there--except for classes...really didn't love those. I was more of a "C's get degrees girl" so I can't really say classes were a top priority! I double majored in Consumer Economics and Fun, but I still managed to graduate on time (sadly)! Not a day goes by that a memory doesn't pop in my head, or I don't think of my time spent in that ol' college town, a place that will have my whole heart forever. Long story short, you can take the girl out of Athens, but you can't take Athens out of the girl!