"Fallitizing" The Mint Cottage!

With so much going on these days, I feel like I've neglected The Mint Cottage lately! My cleaning lady would also agree with that...

I love dressing up my home, inside and out. Whether it be my all year round decor, or my seasonal, I am here for it. Well I'm actually at Target for it, buying all the things. You know you've placed too many items in your cart when you feel like you have to give the cashier an explanation because her eyeballs got awfully big when you strolled up to her counter...

...oh well, no shame in my Target run game!

I am a huge mums fan, but am really bad at taking care of them, so they don't stay alive very long here at The Mint Cottage...

I always have so much fun picking out pumpkins! I'm really into the stack look.

My sweet Fall burlap wreath is from Swoozie's. It's a little pricey, but I've used it every single year so I have zero guilt about it! There are also lots of similar versions on Etsy!

Okay, here is where the Target finds begin...

How cute is this little truck of pumpkins?! What I love about this truck is that you can use it for Christmas, as well, and just fill its bed with some small Christmas trees. The truck was $20, but again if you're using it for more than one holiday, then it's totally worth it in my opinion. The pumpkins came in a pack of eight and were no more than $10. I used them here on my bar, and you'll see later that I added them to my bookshelf, too.

My bar is always the first place I look to redecorate when it comes to holidays. The littlest touches are easy ways to make your home festive. I'm a sucker for cocktail napkins--I have drawers and bins full of them. 

I also just love pie. :)

I think I would have a much harder time decorating my living room if it weren't for my bookcase! 

I wanted to be able to keep the colorful aspect of this room, so I picked pumpkin decor that would still jive with the year-round theme of it.

Everything pumpkin-related you see on this bookshelf came from Target. The most expensive item was the large orange pumpkin ($20), and everything else was $10 or under. 

Doesn't this little punkin' go great with our laughs?? :)

Three things I'm a sucker for when it comes to The Mint Cottage: faux flowers because I'm horrible at keeping real ones alive, candles (no such thing as too many), and coffee table books--again, no such thing as too many!

This little bouquet was $20, but I could easily use it throughout the entire year. I wanted to choose something wasn't quite as bright to pair with these already colorful books and photos.

Okay, I may be crazy for decorating underneath the table top, but I can't help it! Even if I'm the only one who is going to see/notice this pumpkin then I still feel good about it.

At this point, you're probably thinking, so she pretty much just threw a bunch of pumpkins everywhere and called it a day. Well, you're not wrong--but that's just a great example of how easy decorating can be sometimes! Seasonal decor is really the best to shop for because you already have a theme to stick to, so it makes it much simpler to know what goes in your shopping cart and what can stay on the shelves.

I had to get a picture of Bentley! She just patiently waited for attention as I made a mess of our living room.

Audrey on the other hand...had zero patience and became very jealous of the kitchen pumpkins. Still my angel, though!

My kitchen and laundry room (yes, I added a little bit of Fall to a room that only I go in) color-scheme is a little more specific than my living areas. The main group consists of black, red, pistachio, and blue, so I wanted to keep my decor true to those colors.

These black and white plaid pumpkins were perfect!

I even played with using a cake platter to set them up. Side note: cake platters are not just for cakes! 

My laundry room is small, so even the littlest pumpkin can go a long way!

That's a wrap until Christmas! But don't worry, it's not as long of a wait as you think--I'm that girl who decorates for it before Thanksgiving...