I'm On (Kitchen) Island Time

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I was very sad to pull up to my house last week to see that my new Crosley Stainless Steel Top Portable Kitchen Island (say that five times fast!) had arrived not put together. I was also sad to see that it had arrived without a round-trip ticket to a real island with palm trees…can you tell I’m ready for a vacation?
I purchased this gem from Home Depot. Home Depot and Lowe's have become my new addiction--they're like my new Target. I can't quite explain it, but I imagine it has something to do with me being a home owner now!
I was so sad that I left the boxes on my front porch for a couple more hours as punishment until I was ready to let them come inside The Mint Cottage. They then sat in the living room for a few more days and acted as a jungle gym for my sweet angel kittens.
Confession: I actually didn't use my pink screw driver once because it was a flathead and I needed the philips head...does that sound right? Oh well! Anywho, it still made an appearance in a few pics because I just couldn't help myself. :)
Before I fill you in on this experience, I feel like I should give you a little background on my level of handiness. I’m a girl who is fairly stubborn a majority of the time when it comes to doing house "stuff" on my own, mostly because of the tool-accessories that I have. You may be wondering what exactly tool-accessories are…well, they are my cute tools: a little pink drill, a pink tool box with cute little matching pink tools, and well, that’s pretty much all of my tool-accessories. So, if you ever need a picture, mirror, or shelf hung, then I’m definitely your girl. If you ever need help replacing your A/C filter, I’m actually still your girl. If you ever need help hanging new wood blinds, replacing your ceiling fan, or doing something plumbing-related, then stop where you are because I am 100% not your girl. I bought a new ceiling fan probably over a year ago—and it’s happily still sitting in its box under my guest bed…

In the past, I was very quick to call my stepdad, Mark, for miscellaneous tasks that I was just not cut out to do.  This time however, I was more than determined to put this sucker together all on my own! (Mostly because I recently replaced my A/C and mowed my lawn, so really I just felt like I was on a roll!) I charged up with two cups of coffee, unpacked the boxes, laid out the pieces-- may or may not have freaked out a little when I saw how many dang parts there actually were--and happily opened the instructions to preview how helpful they were (or were not) going to be. 
Aside from the additional counter space this provides me, the wheels are what make this so useful for me! I can literally utilize is from anywhere in my kitchen.
Things got pretty serious, but only a little bit of blood was drawn. 100% user error...used a knife to open something up, I definitely DO NOT recommend doing that!

You don't need to know me very well to know that I am extremely direct (some would argue too direct at times) and straight to the point when communicating. So you can understand how much I appreciate instructions that tell me exactly what to do and when to do it. I mean, pictures are nice and all, but they use letters and arrows..and it’s just not all that helpful. Whoever was responsible for drawing up the instructions for this kitchen island is a person after my own heart! At no point throughout the process did I question what I was doing, nor did I have to call one of my handymen that I have on speed dial—which I’m sure they appreciated not hearing from me as much as I appreciated not having to call them. 
My kitchen towels are honestly my favorite way to accessorize my kitchen! They're so small, yet they bring so much personality to the room.

My go-to place for cute hand towels is Swoozie's! That's where my NC state "welcome friends" one is from. 

I will say that even though I had some ease when putting together this pretty little island, it still was no piece of cake…but you better believe I enjoyed eating a piece of cake off of it afterwards in celebration!