Live. Love. Monogram.

I love monograms. Simply obsessed, and I’d bet that if you took my heart out of my chest, you would find a bright pink one stamped on it! Monograms are just one of the many ways in which I’m able to express my girliness, southern roots, and sassy personality.

If I were a monogrammed item, this is probably what I would look like--bright, bold, kind of a lot, and very upfront. Get you one just like it for your home at Swoozie's!

One of my girlfriends asked how many I have throughout The Mint Cottage. She really didn’t know what to say when I told her I had eleven of them—I thought it best to leave out the 40ish monogrammed shatterproof cups in the cabinet. A simple head shake is the response she went with.

I can't help myself, the monogramming possibilities are endless!

This is actually one of my favorites, because I painted it myself! With the help of my girl Ashley, from Miller Monograms...and a stencil, of course.

Monogrammed notepad...because I'm a lot.

I love how such a little detail can make such a big impression in small spaces, and this is a great example of that! Doubt I'd be able to work at my desk without it...

But, I also adore monograms because for me they are a symbol of my independence—something that I have always prided myself on having. 

Acrylic trays can be so versatile. They're great for bar decor like this, but can also be used for a number of things--your sunnies collection, keys, a nightstand catch-all--you name it and it'll probably hold it!
1. Acrylic Monogrammed Tray 2. Gold Bamboo Napkin Holder 3. Kate Spade Polka Dot Highball glasses 4. Kate Spade Lowball glasses, similar ones HERE and HERE 5. Kate Spade Vase 6. Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener 7. My FAV bar napkins can be found HERE!

I recently took a quiz to find out which Disney princess I am because knowing is obviously crucial…anywho, I got Pocahontas. At first, I was slightly disappointed because I wanted to be Ariel—she’s always been my favorite. But then I read the description that came with Pocahontas, and I was like “wow, I really am her!” 

Y'all should totally take this quiz! Some of the answers to the questions are hilarious. Can't wait to here which one you are!

Buzzfeed totally gets me--they were really spot on. I wonder if Pocahontas loves monograms, too? K, moving on…

As a single girl in her 20s, I’ve learned a great deal about myself—what I want in life, personally and professionally, in both the short and long runs. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not using independence and singleness synonymously; but for me, they are both current themes in my life. Being single has actually enhanced my independence in such a positive way. Every day has been a new page in the “Lindsey’s Single” chapter in my life’s story and I wouldn’t change a word of it!

I'm a sucker for Swoozie's and can do some serious damage in there, but they're great when it comes to all my monogram wants needs...
They printed this sticker for me, I slapped it on a blank canvas myself and called it a day. It's classic and was a perfect addition to my kitchen!
1. Swoozie's Monogrammed Decals 2. White Canvas

So each time I catch myself eyeing one of my monograms, I’m instantly reminded of all the things I’ve done for me. Every time I walk up to my front door and see my obnoxiously large (but super cute), bright pink monogrammed door hanger I think, “I bought this house, I created this home.” And when I catch a glimpse of the red monogrammed canvas in my kitchen I’m reminded of the fact that I created a business from scratch in this room, on these counters…and also reminded of the time I put together my kitchen island all by myself, pink tools and all!

These towels were a graduation gift and I'm really funny about them. I have two different sets of monogrammed towels--one set is to be used and the other set is this one...
...might be slightly bratty of me, but I can't say that I'm that concerned about it (lol). Surely I'm not the only one who has towels that are too cute to use!

1. Navy Stripes and Peonies Watercolor Print from History In High Heels Etsy Shop 2. Solid Navy Blue Towels: Pottery Barn or Target
From my monogrammed shower curtain and towels, to my initialed bedding and pillow cases, to my monogrammed trays, each one helps me recall and celebrate not only the big things I’ve achieved, but the little victories, too!

Oh how I love my bedroom, like too much almost--some mornings I'm shocked that I'm able to leave it. I wanted to create a calm bedroom space, but my taste in decor has always been bright and bold, so I was worried about how mingling the themes together would look. I quickly learned that I could create a serene space while still using the bold patterns and hues that my heart has a soft spot for--it's just a matter of balance!

I accomplished this by keeping my bedding simple and adding accent pieces, like my banana leaf lumbar pillow and lampshades and gold throw blanket. When my bedding came in the mail I was just smitten by it, and I could not wait to get it monogrammed. It was like a blank canvas waiting to be painted! Needless to say, I adore it.

1. Banana Leaf Lampshades 2. Banana Leaf Lumbar Pilow 3. Gold Throw 4. Belle Epoque quilted Bedding w/ Pink Trim 5. Mirrored Decorative Boxes 6. Similar Lampshades HERE

So, in conclusion, if you take nothing else from today's post, then at least take this…

"Life is short. Be like Pocahontas. Monogram it all."