And so the story begins

Since I can remember, there are two things that have always remained constants throughout my life--my sweets addiction and my hankering to decorate...everything. Few of my childhood days came and went without a Dairy Queen chocolate-dipped cone, cotton candy ice cream with cookie dough topping, or moving my furniture around multiple times and adding yet another nicknack to my bedroom decor. 


Both of these obsessions have carried over into my adult years, and my waistline definitely doesn't let me forget it! Shortly after moving into my first house, The Mint Cottage as I like to call it, I wanted to create a place where both themes in my life could come together--a place where I could share my favorite recipes and my personal decor style journey. I knew without a doubt it would be 203 Yumlington Place!

I get asked all the time where the name came from and if it's my real address. It is not my real address (I wish lol). I actually came up with it my sophomore year of college when I first began blogging, and honestly the story behind it may be a bit anti-climatic for y'all. In high school, my friends and I would add -lington on to the ends of way too many words, one of them being "yumlington." Fast forward a couple years to my first blog, and to me literally making up the number 203! It might have carried little significance back then, but now it's a number that means so much to me.

And then there were cookies...

If someone had told me that, during my mid-20s, my days would be measured by how many cookies I baked, then I'd say they're crazy! If anything, with a sweet tooth like mine, I would've thought my days would at least be measured by how many cookies I was eating. 

What started out as a batch of wedding dress cookies for a good friend's bridal shower, turned into her rehearsal dinner dessert, which then snowballed into so many more cookie opportunities! I couldn't believe that something as simple as a decorated sugar cookie could bring so much happiness and joy to folks no matter the occasion. And to think I had the pleasure to be a very short chapter in their story is a really cool thing that I am exceptionally grateful for each and every day.

You may not be able to find 203 Yumlington Place on a physical map or with your GPS; instead, you can find it in the hearts of so many people who were just looking for a taste of their favorite memories and moments. And here at 203YP, we believe that the best ones are made from scratch!